Product Description
thermal transfer ribbon DNP 18107138
DNP 2.36 x 459 R510HF Resin Thermal Ribbon - DNP 18107138, 24 roll carton $172.29

R510HF Ultra Durable Resin This halogen-free ribbon is one of the toughest resin ribbons on the market. It's the only halogen-free ribbon capable of handling extreme environmental labeling with unmatched scratch and solvent resistance. Designed with DNP's standard anti-static and backcoat properties to protect the printhead, this product has unbeatable edge definition for crisp, extremely durable and dense barcodes for harsh environments. Recommended Substrates: polyester, PET cards, polyimide, PVC cards, Top-coated vinyl. Product Features: Abrasion Resistant Anti-static FDA (indirect food contact) Halogen-free High Density Printhead Protection Proprietary Backcoat Solvent Resistant