2.12 x 1,345 R510W White Durable Resin Thermal Ribbon - DNP 18106762, 36 roll carton

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Product Description

R510W White Durable Resin

R510W offers the same incredible durability as R510 Ultra Durable Resin. This ribbon has DNP unmatched scratch and solvent resistance and has been designed with DNP specially formulated backcoat technology for printhead protection. Like all DNP ribbons, R510W is an industry leader in Edge Definition for clean, extremely durable, and dense bar codes.

Recommended Substrates: PVC shrink tubing, matt/gloss silver polyester, chrome polyester, clear polyester.

Performance Characteristics: Halogen-Free. Smudge and scratch resistant. Resistant to ethanol and isopropanol. DNP specially formulated backcoating for printhead protection. UL recognized. Industry leading in edge definition for clean, durable, and dense barcodes.