4.33 x 1,181 TRX-55 Premium Wax-Resin Thermal Ribbon - DNP 18104055-6, 6 roll carton

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Product Description

TRX-55 Premium Wax / Resin

This premium wax resin formulation is designed to print on a wide variety of receiving material. This includes coated and uncoated paper labels, varnished label stock and films. With reliable, sharp-edge print quality capabilities at a wide variety of printing speeds, this ribbon offers excellent barcode scanning. TRX-55 is also an extremely versatile all-purpose wax/resin that will out-perform most ribbons in extreme environments.

Powerful resistance against smearing and chemicals makes TRX-55 a perfect choice for your demanding environments. Reliable and sharp-edge print quality at low to high print speeds. Excellent barcode scan-ability. Extreme versatility. Smudge and chemical resistant.

Recommended Applications: Point-of-Purchase Labels, shipping labels, storage labels, horticulture tags, lumber tags, chemical drum labels.