6.50 x 1,181 TRX-50 Wax-Resin Thermal Ribbon - DNP 18104870, 12 roll carton

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Product Description

TRX-50 General Purpose Wax/Resin

TRX-50 features DNP SmoothCoat backcoat and is the only wax/resin ribbon on the market backed by a 4 Million Linear Inch Guarantee. TRX-50 has a unique ink formulation that dissipates static and is a versatile and durable wax/resin ribbon that has superior print quality on low-end synthetics.

TRX-50 prints at low temperatures and high speeds and has unbeatable Edge Definition with the darkest images possible from a general purpose ribbon.

Recommended Applications: Gloss paper, polpropylene, top-coated vinyl, polyethylene, polystyrene, coated/uncoated Valeron, polyolefin, coated/uncoated V-max, Tyvek, Tyvek Brillion.