4.33 x 1,476 TDM200 Wax-Resin Thermal Ribbon - Todaytec Z110450200WR

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Product Description

TDM200 Wax-Resin

TDM200 patented ink formulation has excellent durability, eliminates static, prints at low energy settings, prints high speed, has a wide print versatility and comes with a backcoating that allows for printing in excess of 3 million linear inches. Dark print imaging for enhanced graphics, readable characters and barcodes.

Applications:  Shipping, inventory, shelf labeling, retail tags, product labeling, general label printing, RFID, flexible packaging.

Recommended Substrates:  Coated paper, uncoated paper, polyethlene, polyolefin, polyproplylene, flood coated paper, Kimdura, Valeron.